I am a  retired radiologist who loves the science of investing.   I don't take any investing advice at face value but instead rely on my own independent research to form my opinions.  Much of my research is published here.  I have B.A. degrees in chemistry and biology as well as an M.D. from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.  I retired from medicine at age 47 and at the time of this writing (Sept. 2005) I am 51 years old.  Because of my relatively early exit from working life I have a special interest in topics and issues regarding early retirement.   I am mostly a buy and hold investor but I will not buy any asset that I feel is egregiously overvalued, nor will I hold it for too long if it becomes too pricey.  I am a firm believer in diversification and alternative asset classes which in my opinion are often overlooked by investors who instead tend to favor the advice of stock brokers and  investment gurus in the media.  My favorite investors are Warren Buffet and William Bernstein, the latter also being a physician like myself.

I have lived my entire life in Texas and currently reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  I have a wonderful family including my wife and an active teenage daughter who keeps us all young.  My other interests include watching college sports, weightlifting, participating in races and triathlons, and homebrewing. 


Last edited: 04/17/2006


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